Welcome to Wessex Game

Great food begins with great ingredients…and great ingredients begin at Wessex Game.

Wessex Game is a family run business, supplying quality assured Venison sourced through sister organisation, Wessex Deer Management. By managing the entire process, from land to plate, Wessex Game ensure your Venison reaches you in the most ethical manner, from animals that are chemical free and have enjoyed a wild and natural existence without the stress associated with modern food supply methods.

Based in the county of Dorset, Wessex Game provides customers with choice cuts of the finest, quality Venison supplied in various weights and vacuum sealed to protect its freshness and preserve a taste packed free-range flavour.


Venison provides great menu versatility, and is growing in popularity due to its flavour and lean, low fat, iron and protein rich attributes which can be enjoyed whatever the season.

The Wessex Game team are ready to support local butchers, farm shops, deli’s, chefs and home cooks in support of a quality, fresh and local menu. Take a moment to visit our recipes page – it is rewarding to hear from customer’s which recipes they have enjoyed, to cook the ones they share with us and to see photographs of the end result before they sit down to enjoy them. Order today 07738 017 317 info@wessexgame.co.uk

Game Management

Wessex Game’s sister organisation, Wessex Deer Management, is involved in the protection of the Wessex countryside, the management of wildlife for land owners and farmers, as well as the welfare of the animals that we bring to your table.